Extream Annual Repair & Maintenance Package 年度维护配套

    Extream Home Decor Sdn. Bhd. is one of the first design and construction company to introduce annual repair and maintenance package. Be it for office, home or investment property, repair and maintenance work can be a hassle for most property owners – considering the time and costs involved in the process.

    Our annual repair and maintenance package provides comprehensive coverage against damages caused by wear and tear in the property. Subscribers can enjoy the benefit of swift response to address housing maintenance issue, without having to fork out a single cent for the repair and maintenance works as long as they are covered under the package.
    We Cover
    Roof Leaking Roof Leaking
    Paints Peeling Paints Peeling
    Cracks on the wall Cracks on the wall
    Bathroom Leaking Bathroom Leaking
    Tiles Creaking or Bulging Tiles Creaking or Bulging
    Kitchen Cabinets Malfunction Kitchen Cabinets Malfunction
    Wardrobe Malfunction Wardrobe Malfunction
    Plumbing Plumbing
    Electrical Wiring Electrical Wiring
    We Do Not Cover
    Light bulbs Light bulbs
    Auto-gate malfunction Auto-gate malfunction
    Main door and back door Main door and back door
    Damages caused by termite’s infestations Damages caused by termite’s infestations
    Damages caused by natural disasters Damages caused by natural disasters like flood, storm, earthquake and fire
    Damages caused by human error Damages caused by human error like chemical spill on tiles, dented wall
    While repair and maintenance spending is a normal and expected cost of property ownership, the cost can be minimized and controlled under Extream Annual Repair and Maintenance Package.

    This package is suitable for expatriates, foreign investors and Malaysian house owners who work outstation or stay abroad, and in need of a professional contractor to provide all-inclusive repair and maintenance service for their properties.